Industrial Cleaning

Post Construction

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning often referred as construction cleaning is a popular service because construction can be messy, and the cleanup should be left for our cleaning team.

You can count on our staff to remove dust, debris, and dirt that comes with construction. We do whatever it takes to meet your expectations and provide the right resources in order to finish the job as quickly and thoroughly as we can.


Some of our duties include:

• Damp mopping hard-surface floors
• General dusting
• Vacuuming
• Cleaning and sanitizing kitchens, washrooms, and locker rooms
• Window washing (ground level)
•Equipment, Supplies & Transportation Provided.

• Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer specialized cleaning and maintenance to keep your floors looking like new.

Stripping and waxing

* Stripping the floors with warm water
* Application of floor stripper
* Letting the floor sit for minutes but not becoming dry
* Scrubbing the floor to remove the all stripper
* Rinsing the floor with a sour solution to make the floor surface neutral
* Letting the floor dry completely using air movers as necessary
* Applying 2 coats of sealer, allowing 30 minutes between coats to dry
* Buffing the newly sealed floor with a floor machine
* Dust mopping the floor to make sure it is completely dust free
* Applying 2 coats of wax, allowing 30 minutes between coasts to dry first
* Buffing the floor again with a floor machine